Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal
April 9, 2020
Scholarly Paper Phase 2
April 9, 2020

Stage 2: Sharing Data


Before you begin work on this assignment, be sure you have read the Case Study and reviewed the feedback received on your Stage 1 assignment.  Refer to the System Recommendation Report Table of Contents below to see where you are in the process of developing this report.

As a professional medical consultant, your next step in developing your recommendation for an EHR system is to determine what data will need to be shared with other organizations and how that data will be shared.

System Recommendation Report

                            Table of Contents

Introduction (Stage 1)

I. Organizational Analysis and Requirements (Stage 1)       A. IntroductionB. Organizational StrategyC. Strategic Use of TechnologyD. Components of an Information SystemE. RequirementsF. SummaryII. Sharing Data (Stage 2)  A. IntroductionB. Need to Share DataC. Types of Data to be SharedD. Data Interchange StandardsE. SummaryIII. Ethical, Legal and Regulatory Policy Issues (Stage 3)A. IntroductionB. Table of Ethical, Legal and Regulatory Policy IssuesC. Addressing the Most Difficult IssueD. SummaryIV. System Recommendation (Stage 4) A. IntroductionB. Proposed IT solutionC. How the Proposed IT Solution Meets the RequirementsD. Improvements from Proposed IT SolutionE. Implementation ConsiderationsF. Summary

Conclusion (Stage 4)


System Recommendation Report (SRR), Section II – Sharing Data

Section II of the SRR document addresses the need for the Midtown Family Clinic to share data with other organizations.  As part of analyzing the requirements for the new system, one step is to consider how that system will enable the Midtown Family Clinic to exchange electronic data with other health organizations – such as other providers, pharmacies, insurance companies, and even patients themselves.  The case study mentions several of these.  For this assignment you will select two types of external organizations and describe what kind of data would flow between the Midtown Family Clinic and those organizations and how that can be done effectively.

Stage 2 Assignment Instructions

The first step is to incorporate the feedback you received on your Stage 1 assignment, making any needed corrections or adjustments.  Although the incorporation of feedback will not be graded until the final Report is submitted in Stage 4, it will assist you going forward to incorporate feedback at each stage.  For this assignment, you will add Section II of the System Recommendation Report (SRR).

Using the case study, the overview above, Course Content readings, and external resources, develop your Section II on Sharing Data.  Approximate lengths for each section are provided as a guideline; be sure to provide all pertinent information.  Apply specific information from the case study to address each area listed below.

II.     Sharing Data

A. Introduction   Introduction to this section describing what is included. (3-4 sentences)

B. Need to Share Data – Review the Midtown Family Clinic Case Study and identify two types of external organizations (e.g., hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, laboratories, pharmacies, health insurance providers, etc.) with which the Midtown Family Clinic needs to communicate and the purpose of the communication. (Introductory sentence and list of two external organizations and the purpose of their communication with the Midtown Family Clinic, providing specifics from the Case Study.) 1. External Organization #1 and purpose of communication.2. External Organization #2 and purpose of communication.

C. Types of Data to be Shared  – In Stage 1, Section C.3., Data, you took an initial look at the types of data the new EHR system will process.  But now we’re going to take that a step further and add a layer of complexity by considering the needs and requirements of different external organizations.  Using the two external organizations you listed in Section A above, list five data items, or data elements, that would be shared with each external organization, and explain whether that information is going out from the Midtown Family Clinic or coming in from each of the two external organizations.  Feel free to consult the list you developed for Section C.3 of your Stage 1 assignment.  Some of these data elements may come from that list if they are appropriate for this purpose; however, other, different, data elements may be listed here. Note: For full credit, a different list of data elements should be provided for each organization (no duplicates in the table below, although data elements may be repeated from Section C.3). (Provide an introductory sentence and copy the table and insert information within.)


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