Post a 2-3 page summary of a specific change within an organization and describe the impact of this change on your role and responsibilities. Explain the rationale for the change, and whether or not the intended outcomes have been met
December 15, 2017
Batson described the situation in the Boston Public Schools as de  facto segregation. What is the difference between de facto  segregation and legally sanctioned segregation? How did Batson  account for the situation in Boston? 
December 15, 2017

Answer Using Scholarly Sources And Cite Using Apa Format

  • Field: Nursing
1)Recent turmoil in the capital markets underscored for hospital leaders the negative impact of various liability-side risks. These risks for the liability-side include market and liquidity risks as applied to investments, such as equities (stocks), bonds, securities, and property, plant, and equipment. What are several types of financial risk that the health care organization could take in the course of operations? 250 minimum words include in text citation apa
2) Financing risk often must be addressed when an organization is least equipped to deal with it and limited in its options. The interrelationship of asset-side and liability-side risks is a critical issue for hospital leadership. Give an example of how you would use a best practice approach to balance sheet management, giving careful consideration to management of asset/liability risks and returns in concert with one another. 250 minimum words include in text citation apa

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