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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

Selecting Your Small-Scaie Project Subject

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Application 2: Selecting Your Small-Scale Project Subject
Throughout the 8 weeks of this course (in separate but interrelated assignments), you will complete a small-scale research project by conducting a qualitative interview study. This project will give you first-hand experience with conducting qualitative research and, if performed appropriately, could also contribute to your own doctoral study.
For this Assignment:

Select two or more interviewees and a topic for your small-scale qualitative project. You are free to choose the topic for your interview. Consider choosing a topic related to your proposed doctoral study, because the course exercises may assist you to move forward with your own doctoral study. Bear in mind that this interview project will also be the basis for subsequent assignments in this course.
In two paragraphs, summarize the process by which you selected your topic and your interviewees, and provide a brief rationale for why you have chosen this topic and detailed information identifying why interviewees are appropriate (2 participants or more).


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