Article analysis
December 7, 2017
Legalizing Marijuana
December 7, 2017

This report has to be 4 pages dble spaced,10 or 12 pt times roman or courier new. Must contain last name and page # on every page except first page and work cited page. U must use 4 sources, I included 2 stories from Patterns for College Writing 11th Edition. 4 pages top to bottom, work cited page is additional. must have intext citations. U word it so she can see that were using pathos,logos and ethos. I sent u an ex of that. I need a rough draft to take to class so she can edit it, and will email back to you to fix errors. Thesis will argue a certain point, your trying to change the way someone thinks about guns, my point of view is there great. So we must persuade the audience to think that way. It can be Deductive or Inductive.


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