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January 17, 2020
Comparing my chapter to an orginal chapter of a book.
January 17, 2020

If you were to ask 10 people what
they believe to be the most significant issue facing healthcare today,
you might get 10 different answers. Escalating costs? Regulation?
Technology disruption?

These and many other topics are worthy of discussion. Not
surprisingly, much has been said in the research, within the profession,
and in the news about these topics. Whether they are issues of finance,
quality, workload, or outcomes, there is no shortage of changes to be

In this Discussion, you examine a national healthcare issue and
consider how that issue may impact your work setting. You also analyze
how your organization has responded to this issue.

  • Review the Resources and select one current national healthcare issue/stressor to focus on.
  • Reflect on the current national healthcare issue/stressor
    you selected and think about how this issue/stressor may be addressed in
    your work setting.

Post a description of the national healthcare
issue/stressor you selected for analysis, and explain how the healthcare
issue/stressor may impact your work setting. Then, describe how your
health system work setting has responded to the healthcare
issue/stressor, including a description of what changes may have been
implemented. Be specific and provide examples.

APA citation 3 to 4 references with 5 years


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