What is the difference between the cash basis of accounting and the accrual basis of accounting?
December 7, 2017
Identify the principal components of telecommunications networks and key networking technologies.
December 7, 2017

Week Five Discussion Questions

  • What are reversing entries and why are they required? What would happen if reversing entries were not made? What transactions might require reversing entries? What transactions might not require reversing entries?

Respond to your classmates’ postings by adding to their rationales for using or not using reversing entries.

  • After examining Illustration 4-5 on p. 151 of Financial Accounting, what do you consider might happen if
  • revenue accounts are not closed? Explain why.
  • expense accounts are not closed? Explain why.
  • dividends are not closed? Explain why.

Respond to your classmates’ postings by agreeing with, disagreeing with, or modifying their speculations. Provide reasons for your opinions.
Week Seven Discussion Questions

  • Select three ratios, one from each category—liquidity, profitability, and solvency—you think are the most important.

Why do you consider these ratios important? Which internal and external users might be most interested in these ratios? Explain why.
Respond to postings of your classmates who selected different ratios than those you selected. Comment on the significance of these ratios and which users might be most interested in them.

  • Review Illustrations 15-17 through 15-24 on pp. 710–714 of Financial Accounting.

Given the data, would you have invested in Quality Department Store in 2006? Explain why or why not. Summarize your analysis of the financial data to support your reasoning. What recommendations would you make to improve the financial health of this company? Explain why.
Respond to your classmates’ postings, by agreeing or disagreeing with their assessments while pointing to the data and specific ratio, vertical, or horizontal analyses.


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