Consider the claim that ‘About 8% of American college students consider suicide each year.’ Describe, step by step, how a team of social scientists would go about justifying this claim, and flag up any reasons to be cautious about it
December 15, 2017
Write a critical response essay to Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God
December 15, 2017

subject: Research proposal: The importance of Haute Couture
pages: 6
format: harvard
sources: 7 journal articles
This is about Fashion Management subject Final project proposal.
The topic I choose is “The importance of Haute Couture”
please read the proposal instruction in the uploaded file and there will be more PPT about Methodology.
The professor suggested some tips about the proposal structure, please follow the advise to complete the proposal.
1. Abstract
This research will about the haute couture and the consumer’s motivation who buy pieces of haute couture. For example, personal uniqueness, self-identity,
2. Introduction
You could include a little bit haute couture history here, but not too long.
Haute couture as the slow fashion, why the slow fashion is still important today?
3. Literature Review
Luxury fashion theory
Focus on the relationship between Haute couture customer and haute couture(motivation,experience)
Consumer segmentation
4. Methodology
I will choose questionnaire/interview to some upper class consumer who are able to purchase haute couture, also I will interview the haute couture designer about their experience.
Create questions for interview; focus on their experience, self-identity, motivation toward the slow fashion(haute couture)
5. Timetable
The final dissertation is due on Aug. 24th. So please create a reasonable timetable about schedule
6. You don’t need to care about the Ergo, I will do it later.
About references
Please use as many journal articles as you can, and cite them in a correct way. Last time, there was a writer cited totally wrong reference in the article, the professor failed the paper.
It is really important to USE GOOD SOURCE AND CITE IT AS RIGHT
Also I will upload some good journal articles, please USE THEM IN THIS PROPOSAL
About Plagiarize
Please do not copy anything articles, we will turn the paper in


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