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October 10, 2021
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Setting Up Your Research
Respond to the following exercises from Chapter One of The Literature Review in 150 to 200 words each. For the Additional Question, record the research and null hypotheses for your project.

Exercise 1.1: Discovering      the Subject of Your Interest or Issue of Inquiry
Exercise 1.2:      Understanding the Personal Viewpoint
Exercise 1.3: Selecting      the Focus of Your Study
Exercise 1.5: Developing      Your Interest Statement

Additional Question: What are your research and null hypotheses?
I wanted to give you a little information about the upcoming Assignment in Week 2. This is a worksheet assignment and is the only assignment that allows you to use the first person as you will be exploring your interests that will lead to a research topic. All of the written assignments are meant to build on each other toward your Week 5 Research Proposal. My comments on format should be considered very carefully and it would be a good idea to make the corrections I mention in every assignment. EVERY WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT, INCLUDING THE WORKSHEET ASSIGNMENTS, REQUIRES A CORRECTLY FORMATTED TITLE PAGE AND MUST BE SUBMITTED AS A .doc or .docx .
This below is info….
16——The Literature Review
A research topic is more than simply the main idea of a paper. The topic provides the entry point to the literature, decides the bound- ary of the literature review, identifies the subject of research, and determines the strategy necessary to answer the research question.
These transformations require three tasks: (1) choosing a per- sonal interest, (2) refining that interest, and (3) using the research interest to identify a specific research preliminary topic. Figure 1.1 shows these tasks.
Task 1. Choose a ReseaRCh InTeResT
Most applied research begins by selecting an everyday problem, interest, or concern for further study. Selecting an interest for study needs great care and forethought. As the opening quote says: “Hoe in haste, harvest in tears.” Selecting a suitable interest for research is critical to the success of the project. This search begins with per- sonal reflection that uncovers an interest.
Research interests come mainly from the researcher’s curiosity. Various professional and public settings provide the context for these
Figure 1.1 Moving From Interest to Topic
Personal introspection, unpacking terms
Initial library query, formal definition of terms, perspective and vantage point
TOPIC: estranged relationships with parents and the affects
Personal interest
Defined research interest
Academic discipline knowledge base
Broad interest
Specific subject, perspective, and vantage point
Data leading to preliminary topic formation
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