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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

Research an artwork that uses or addresses media and technology in some way.
Paper details:

Research an artwork that uses or addresses media and technology in some way. In a

one-page (350-500 words) response, include the following:

• The title of the work

• The date in which it was produced

• The genre or medium of art the work falls under

• A description of the artwork:

o How does the viewer experience the artwork

o What are the visual or audible qualities of the artwork

o What concepts are the artists intending on communicating

Additionally, you are required to make reference to at least one of the readings from the

course in your description. You are to describe the artwork in relation to specific

concepts from readings and lectures.

You are to independently research an artwork that you can discuss in relation to course

material. You are welcome to use web-based resources to accomplish your research.

The following websites may be useful for finding artworks to discuss:

Ubu –

MediaArtNet –

Rhizome –

We make money not art –

Creative Applications – –

Please include bibliographic information (URLs, publications, et cetera) indicating the

sources for your research.


Originality and depth of research _ / 2

Identification of artwork _ / 3

• Title of artwork

• Date artwork was produced

• Genre or medium of the artwork

Description and contextualization of artwork _ / 5

Total _ / 10


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