December 15, 2017
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December 15, 2017

Using a traditional assignment you are familiar with (something you may have used in the past or an assignment you feel might need work), re-create it using one of the methods discussed this week. Submit a new lesson plan for your old assignment of approximately 900 words using one of the models listed below.
���Problem-based Learning
���Differentiated Instruction
���Socratic Method
���Inquiry-based Learning
���Cooperative Learning
���Service Learning
���The Flipped Classroom

Introduce your original lesson plan by describing the content and methods of the current mode of delivery. Then, present your re-created lesson plan. At the end of your lesson plan, provide a rationale for your decisions, a description of the role of the teacher and the student, the specific role of technology in your new assignment, and any ethical implications associated with your new lesson plan.


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