journal one the historical impact of the mob
June 1, 2021
can you assist me with this assignment 8
June 1, 2021

At first should select one of most suitable type of contract , we study some of them it’s in chapter 2 , I will send you my book (there are JCT form of contract ,FIDIC contract and NEC option) in each one many types. Read all the information of the project and choose one type. Then in Q1.a , should write the characteristics, personality of project and reasons to choose that type of contract. in Q1.b , characteristics of form of contract in (c) the characteristics of project which is similar to type of contract . in (d) the characteristics of project which is not similar to type of contract . Q,2 I don’t understand it well but about the clauses Q,3 how can change the clauses to make it more clear


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