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February 17, 2018
End of Life Legal Issue
February 24, 2018


Order Description
did the project hear and the it was under number order 81661693 and then i order some improvement on it under order number 81674387 and now my Dr send me he need some more improvement and thees are the comment
Introduction – could be better … include proper references for each of the topics included – still missing Quality of services, Quality in tourism
· Lit review – the topics should be introduced broader including proper references for each of them – still missing references/citations;
· Research work – use more of the SPC tool we have discussed during our classes, use Fishbone to search for the causes – include Specification limits, calculate Cp, use Fishbone, Pareto;
Discussion – has to be rewritten, as it is now is rather presentation and analysis of the results; you have to discuss your results in the light of other results found by other authors – not good enough,
You have to include more citations of other authors and discuss your results in comparison to their results/ideas/findings;
· Conclusion – short overview of the whole project – still missing.
so please take care of my order and do the best i have to do as my Dr want it to pass
i attached the prevues paper
please color the new writing to know where is it.

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