What?relationship?exists?between?the?physical?"birth"?of?the?human?species?and?its?mental/psychological?birth?How?do?the?following?authors?account?for?that?relationship,?and?what?broader?argument?about?human?nature?and history?do?they?use?it?to?construct??
December 15, 2017
Art- History
December 15, 2017

This is a peer-reviewed journal artical and utilize the publication Manual of the America Psychologica Assocciation (APA) 2012 5th addition. To correctly cite and summarize the imformation in the following format:
1. What was the research hypothesis (es)?
a. Reasearch Hypothesis
b. Independent Variable
c. Dependent Variable (Dependent Measure)
2. Methods
b. Participants/Subjects
1. How were they chosen
2. Total Numbers
3. Total Characterizes
c. Instruments or measurement procedures
d. Research Design
3. Results
a. Statistical results
b. Was the null hypothesis accepted or was the alternative hypothesis accepted?
4. Discussion/Findings and Limistiations

The artical must be with the last five years. Artical must have cover and reference page, with everthing within the above guideline.


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