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January 30, 2019
Living in a Sustainable World
January 30, 2019

INSTRUCTIONS: OPTION 3 For this assignment option, you will interview 1
public administrator and review select public sector generated data for a
chosen community. With this option, you will integrate qualitative
(interview information) and quantitative (statistical data on
development status) to approximate the typical approach to applied
research and display the information you gain in an audio embedded
PowerPoint to satisfy this portion of course requirements. It would be
wise to interview someone from the same location as your Case Study
Project. This will give you a first-person perspective on some of the
strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats faced by community
developers in this area. Note that you must interview an individual
directly related with city management and/or economic development. If
you choose to interview an individual not directly related to these
topics, you will have points deducted. The following list gives you some
examples of job positions that your candidates may hold:  Economic
development council,  Chamber of commerce,  City manager,  City
council member,  Director of economic development, or  Mayor (or
assistant/deputy mayor) Request an interview with your chosen candidate
by reading the following information verbatim: “I am a graduate student
at Liberty University studying public administration and would like the
opportunity to ask you some questions about your position, role, and
experience with community economic development. The information gleaned
from this interview will only be used to facilitate personal learning,
application, and synthesis of material related to economic development
in PADM 530, a graduate course in public administration at Liberty
University. The interview will be recorded only for the hearing of the
professor.” Before you begin interviewing the candidate, make sure that
you have 10–15 questions planned out that you want to ask. Sample
Questions:  How does the local planning process impact economic
development?  What are the strategic approaches you use to economic
development?  How do businesses impact the economic development of this
community?  How do the human resources in this community impact
economic development?  Once you have a strategic development plan, what
are the steps for implementation?  What are the challenges facing
leaders of economic development?  What are the economic strengths of
your city/town/etc.?  What are some of the weaknesses of your economic
development plan in your city/town?  What are the opportunities for
economic development within your city/town?  PADM 530 Page 2 of 2  What
threatens the potential for economic development within your city/town?
 What leadership traits are important for someone wanting to go into
public administration/economic development? The interview can be
conducted in person or through videoconferencing (with a tool like
Skype). You are not required to provide an audio recording of the
interview. Once you have completed the interview, you will develop a
PowerPoint presentation that synthesizes the interview data with other
sources of community data


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