What?relationship?exists?between?the?physical?"birth"?of?the?human?species?and?its?mental/psychological?birth?How?do?the?following?authors?account?for?that?relationship,?and?what?broader?argument?about?human?nature?and history?do?they?use?it?to?construct??
December 15, 2017
Art- History
December 15, 2017

5-6 pages
Answer the following questions from the book:
1. Discuss, in regard to Chapter 6, ?The Presidents First Term: Internal Time and Presidential Power?, the following ?key moments? in the presidents first term: the myth of a presidential mandate, the transition to office, developing a strategic agenda early, achieving success after the first mid-term elections, sowing the seeds for a second term.

2. Based on the concluding chapter of the Burke text discuss ?Lessons For Presidential Power, Today and Beyond? (lessons one through six from the last chapter).


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