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  Why is it important to have national smart grid standards and is an international body needed to govern standards?

     Essenitally, by standardizing the smart grid you can create, more reliability of the product, drive overall costs down and  because  more vendors might participate in a market, customers have more product  choices. Also, when a technology is standardized, customers can have  more confidence that their products will function as expected. The IEEE  Standards Association has more than 100 smart grid standards developed  or in development, and these will support a wide range of technologies  and services that will be used throughout a smart grid system. Many  other regional and international standards development organizations are  also creating smart grid standards. IEEE and other leading groups are  working together on smart grid standards because they recognize that  collaboration is necessary to make sure smart grid succeeds.
      This type of collaboration represents a new paradigm in standards  development today. Collaboration is seen as a practical means of solving  problems that are common to all participating groups and stakeholders,  regardless of the formal status of a particular standard within an  industry or country. How is the smart grid community addressing interoperability and Cybersecurity as it pertains to the smart grid?

     IEEE 2030 is an architectural plan published by the IEEE  Standards Association. This plan specifically defines the  interchangeability standards across the bored. EEE-SA also  collaborates with many standards organizations that represent specific  industries, countries or regions to help make sure that products that  operate on smart grids are complementary and compatible with one  another. 

     IEEE is currently developing technologies, along with  other smart grid experts, that address security and cyber-security  issues. The top priority is ensuring these security  measures are  implemented from the beginning and not addressed later or as a measure  due to a breach. Each piece of equipment and component there will be a  security technology component to protect it. These technologies cannot  be removed, and if an attack occurs the system will isolate and  reconfigure for protection.  What implications does broadband have on the grid?

     As long as the connections are secure, and the information  exchange occurring is safe and protected this will be a huge improvement  on the grid. Meter information, control technologies and sensors can  all transmit information much quicker than in the past. I know i  personally have a Nest in my home and monitor it through an app which  has really helped keep our energy use at a minimum. 

Utilities will likely use a combination of broadband  communications technologies, including their own infrastructure for  broadband over-the-power-line communications. They will also use a  variety of fiber-optic, wireline and wireless technologies for broadband  communications. Why is it important for states and localities to build a smart grid infrastructure?

     The demand is at an all time high and the overloaded grid system  needs to be addressed or we could be headed for a true disaster.  It is  believed that by the year 2050 the worlds electricity supply will need  to be tripled.  Microgrids can help local communities meet their energy  needs that will be Eco-friendly and should also help with costs. Local  entities also can use their microgrids to develop and test innovations  for consumers, such as smart homes, and the results of these programs  can be used in developing other smart grid projects around the country.


Stewartson, K. (September 14, 2012). 10 Big Questions About the Smart Grid. Retrieved from: (Links to an external site.) 


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