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May 23, 2021
Avia 360 exam 2 (liberty university)
May 23, 2021

For this assignment, you will utilize the sports product, service, or event that you selected for the Unit I
assignment, and you will create a PowerPoint presentation that defines and discusses promotion concepts and
promotion mix elements. Your goal is to promote your sports product, service, or event.
Your presentation should include the items listed below.
Include a title slide.
Provide an introduction of the promotion mix elements. Explain how you will use each of the elements below:
personal selling,
sales promotion,
public or community relations, and
Address the communication process. Explain how you will use each of the communication components below:
receiver, and
Discuss your promotional planning ideas. Explain how you will use each of the following methods to develop
the promotional plan:
identify target market considerations,
set promotional objectives,
determine the promotional budget, and
develop the promotional mix.
Briefly explain the role that ethics play in the sports marketing industry.
Include a references slide.
Your presentation must be at least eight-to-10 slides in length. The title slide and the references slide do not
count toward meeting the total slide count requirement for this assignment. You are required to use your
textbook and at least one source from the CSU Online Library.
Ensure the presentation that you create is your own authentic work. Remember to review the rubric and to
compare it with your presentation before you submit it.

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