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February 8, 2018
Compare/Contrast · Treaties vs. Executive Agreements
February 9, 2018

programmingFor this laboratory assignment, you will need to write three (3) programs: Grade Lab, Penny Lab,
and Fibonacci Lab.
Grade Lab

te a C program, grade. 0, which includes a function, calculateAverage(
that can calculate the average of an arbitrary number of test scores. Your
program will not know in advance how many test scores will be entered into your
function so you will need to use a sentinel value ( – 1 ) to terminate the while
loop used to collect the test scores. The test scores are integers in the range 0 to
100 and the test score average should be output to two decimal places. Be sure
that the user prompts and grades input into the program are displayed in the
output file. Provided below is the main( ) function that I would like you to use
for your program.
int main (void)

int i

for (i= 1; i<=4; ++i){


return (0)

Please do not modify the main( ) function. It should appear as the first function
in the program. Be sure to use function prototypes for each of the functions that
are used in your program.
Note that the for loop invokes the calculateAverage( ) function four times.
Each time the calculateAverage( ) function is invoked, a different set of test
grades will be entered. Please be sure to use the data shown below:
First: 78, 93, 45, 88, 89, -1
Second: 87, 68, 100, -1
Third: 84, 86, 90, 86, 96, 68, 82, -1
Fourth: -1

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