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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

Product Cost or period cost

Indicate whether each of the following should be considered a product cost or aperiod cost. If you identify the item as a product cost, also indicate whether it is adirect or an indirect cost. For example, the answer to item 0 is “indirect product cost.” Begin with item a.
1. Property taxes on factory building.
a. Cost of disposal of hazardous waste materials to a chemical plant.
b. Amounts paid by a mobile home manufacturer to a subcontractor who installs plumbing in each mobile home.
c. Depreciation on sales showroom fixtures.
d. Salaries of security guards in an administrative office building.
e. Salaries of factory security guards.
f. Salaries of office workers in the credit department.
g. Depreciation on the raw materials warehouse.
h. Income taxes on a profitable manufacturing company.


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