Health Promotion and Prevention in Practice
December 8, 2017
Reflection of participating a dissection of a corpse
December 8, 2017

please follow these instructions:-
Your purpose in this research paper is to demonstrate your ability to synthesize a film with external evidence to create a cohesive and logical argument. This argument should use specific textual examples from both the film and the secondary material to support each of your points and should follow the conventions of formal academic writing. The ability to integrate your ideas with evidence from the film and external sources to prove your thesis will be essential to your success in this assignment.
Also, there are some comments on the uploaded file.
Using the film Aladdin, write a well thought out and supported paper on a topic of your choosing. This could be on style, background, reception of the work, gender issues, race issues, religion, political issues, or anything else. Avoid the tendency to summarize; remember, your audience has seen the film as well and only needs references to plot details. You will also need to integrate outside source material which supports your argument. This MUST BE academic in nature (no Newsweek¸ no Wikipedia, no Google). Do not forget to include a Works Cited page which includes both the film and your outside references.


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