historic prisons and the evolution of the correctional system
August 10, 2020
Week 3 6050 Discussion
August 10, 2020

Note: The Research Project Voice-over PowerPoint Presentation must be completed and submitted as a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation (.pptx) file – or the Assignment will not be accepted.

Presentation Content:

  • Define organizational (corporate) culture, using a scholarly definition (not from a dictionary, encyclopedia, etc.)
  • Explain organizational subcultures and countercultures
  • Discuss the three (3) levels of organizational culture
  • Discuss the cultural iceberg model
  • Discuss the four (4) types of organizational culture
  • Which of one of the four (4) types of organizational cultures would you prefer and why?
  • Discuss how a business’s (organizational/corporate) culture impacts its performance
  • Discuss how a business can improve its (organizational/corporate) culture

Presentation Format:

The presentation should contain 15-17 slides (including Title slide and Reference slide). APA format should be applied to the Reference slide with a minimum of five (5) scholarly sources. Wikipedia may not be used. Slides such as “Thank you”, “Questions?”, etc., do not contribute to the minimum number of slides required.

Students should keep the text on each slide brief and to the point. As presenters, students should add to the content of their slides. As a general guide, remember the 5/5 Rule: no more than five words per line of text, five lines of text per slide.


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