What are some barriers or obstacles for college students in being physically active?  Are these barriers internal or external forces?  What are solutions to overcome these barriers
December 13, 2017
Do a SWOT Analysis of the selected company listing 2 attributes each from each core part of the SWOT Analysis
December 13, 2017

Contraceptions Group Project

For this assignment, you will be working in groups. You must communicate with each other from beginning to end to complete this project.  You can communicate and pass information by using the groups tab under Tools.  This will allow you to see who your group members are, find your group topic, send emails, share files, and start a group discussion.  I recommended you start a group discussion to collaborate.  This way, everyone is able to see what is being said.
There should only be one submission per group.  The submission should be only your final visual product that you are using for your presentation and your research information your are presenting. (ie. video, powerpoint, pictures, and background information Word file.
Prepare a presentation on your assigned contraception.  Your presentation should include things such as advantages, disadvantages, how to use (with demonstration, if possible), brand names, effectiveness, cost, how to obtain, side effects, etc.  There should be a visual media with your presentation ie. pictures, PowerPoint, Prezi, video, a sample of the contraception, pamphlets, etc. Presentations should be between 7 and 8 minutes long. You must show group collaboration by communicating with your group member under the Groups tab found under Tools.  Be mindful of presentation etiquette. 15 points are awarded for group collaboration, 15 points for presentation, and 20 points for content accuracy and thoroughness.
This project will be presented on Monday, Sept 25 or Wednesday, Sept 27.  Be prepared to present by Monday! If you have any questions or concerns, please email me immediately.  Be sure to bring your concerns to your group mates first to see if it can be resolved.


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