Write an argument in which you summarize Kevin Kelly’s essay “Better than Human”
July 15, 2019
Where in a multi-movement work is this form most often used?
July 15, 2019

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Identify at least one alternate health profession, such as PA-C, and a related professional organization, such as the American Academy of Physician Assistants.

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that answers the following:

  • What is your interest in this profession?
  • What are your goals regarding this profession? Describe the plans you have made towards this goal in the past year.
  • What is the growth trend for this profession, especially as there is a continuing shortage of medical professionals in the U.S.?

In addition, your presentation should address the following:

  • What was Florence Nightingale’s role in establishing nursing as a formal occupation?
  • Compare and contrast the types of nursing programs described in Cockerham (2007) to the available nursing programs listed on the All Nursing Schools Web site


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