Head-to-Toe Assessment
October 6, 2021
Increased Body weight
October 6, 2021

This is a PowerPoint done in APA style. Highlight the important points of the Career Assessment Inventory (CAI). Three References are required. Citations and references in the PowerPoint should be in APA style and placed on the last slide.
Include in the PowerPoint
Name of Assessment, Author, cost of the Assessment, and the Publisher
Category of the test falls under (Career/employment)
Brief description of purpose of this assessment
Recommended use of this test
Examples of a few items from the test
standardization sample/normative date information
Validity information
Reliability information
Administration, scoring, and interpretation procedures and information
Professional Qualification level required to purchase, administer, score, and interpret results
what does the reviews say about the test found in the Mental Measurements Yearbook
References on the last slide of the Powerpoint
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