The Standards of Professional Nursing Practice
January 17, 2020
Please use the concept map to plan care for Mr. Jackson
January 17, 2020

Please use the concept map
to plan care for Mr. Jackson. Mr. Jackson is a 38-year-old African
American that presents with an altered level of consciousness (ALOC). He
has been having headaches for the last three months but due to a hectic
work schedule he has not been able to go to see his medical
practitioner. During his last visit two years ago, his blood pressure
was slightly elevated, but he never followed up. Upon arrival to the ED a
CT scan is completed and it shows a large bleed near the frontal lobe.
What should Mr. Jackson’s plan of care include? 

Rubric: – Organization: well organized and logical format that provides examplies that are clearly linked or connected.

-content and mechanics: contains appropriate numbers of concepts.
Information is current, applicable and demostrates superior conceptual
understanding. information is presented clearly and flows through the
assignment, currect spelling, grammar and citations when appropriate

-Pathophysiology: each concept map must detail pathophysiology for
pertinent disease process/processess. This may detail more than one
disease if they are related. example:renal failure secondary  to HTN.

-Clinical manifestations: subjective data and objective data

-Nursing diagnosis:two NADA nursing diagnosis include related to and evidenced by (if indicated)

-Nursing interventions: atleast 4 nursing interventions for each nursing diagnosis.

-Goals: one per nursing diagnosis. remember SMART goal: simple, measurable, agreeable, reallistic and timed.


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