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April 5, 2021
April 5, 2021

please do a powerpoint and speak notes based on the questions below

Please do a powerpoint and speak notes based on the questions below, the research details is on the documents attached

Task:To give a presentation on your SaRS ARL research process

Time allowed:8-10 minutes


Your presentation must include the following:


a) What is the topic of your research process?

b) Briefly introduce 3 key research questions that you developed around your


Main body:Focus on one of your research questions:

2.Evaluate the techniques you used to find sources to answer this research


a)What did you do?

b)How effective was this?

3.Evaluate an academic source you looked at.

a) How well did it answer your research question?

b)How reliable was it?

c) What/how much do you still need to find out about the research question?

d)What further research questions did it make you think of?


Reflect on what this process has taught you about research techniques.

a)What have you found easy / difficult and why?

b)Would you do anything different next time?Why?

1. Don’t be too specific in the speak notes

2. the answer to the questions should be shown on the PPT

3. The specific requirements and the source found based on the essay are in the attachment

PPT content steps Roughly as follows

– information

– the outline

-Topic – working tittle – reason

-Research questions (just focus 1)

-How to find source (Highlite reference list)

– Evaluation – Techniques

– Evaluation of the text

– Further Research


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