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October 10, 2021
What did Werner mean by “microgenesis” and “microgenetic mobility?” Give examples. Discuss some valuable aspects of these concepts.
October 10, 2021

Need an argumentative essay on How does Dreger want us to understand and feel about abnormal bodies at the end of One of Us. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.Dreger considers the 21st century when according to&nbsp.many&nbsp.people, homosexuality became&nbsp.disease. Many lesbians and gay men went to the clinic under&nbsp.force&nbsp.before taking the&nbsp.initiative&nbsp.for themselves (Dreger 145). This group underwent&nbsp.brutal&nbsp.psychotherapy this raised questions of whether it was their fault or natures’ to be born in that state. Evidence shows that many people have placed their&nbsp.hope& the medical&nbsp.field& solve their abnormalities. However, Dreger raises the question of whether is it&nbsp.right& treat an individual as “broken&nbsp.or abnormal or tragic just because she has a socially challenging&nbsp.anatomy”&nbsp.(Dreger 148)Grouping of people into sex categorise is for a social reason this does not change the persons abilities or potential, Dreger, therefore, discourages the discriminating of people with different anatomies, she says people should be treated based on their character and not their physical anatomies. colour,&nbsp.shape&nbsp.or gender (150). Dreger tells us to stop taking biological anomalies as enemies for humanity, instead we should focus on their social&nbsp.nature, social potential and strive to provide a& children suffering from an abnormality, she suggests raising&nbsp.political&nbsp.consciousness to inform families and doctors of these conditions
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