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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

You are required to conduct and document 3 physical examinations case studies on patients that I have attached
their information. The physical examinations may incorporate one or more body systems depending on the
patients presenting complaint that I have attached. Please note that the case studies are 3000 words ( 1000 word
each case study ). Please use same structures as my class mate example file which I have uploaded. Sample
paper attached for your assistance.
Please focus on nursing physical examinations in all cases as the attached sample using same structures
( inspection palpation percussion and auscultation, what are the techniques and findings).

Case Studies for NU6084 2016

1) Mrs. Puffer is a 35-year-old single mother, just getting off the night shift. She
reports to the ED in the early morning with shortness of breath. She has cyanosis
of the lips. She has had a productive cough for 2 weeks. Her temperature is 102.2,
blood pressure 110/76, heart rate 108, respirations 32, rapid and shallow. Breath
sounds are diminished in both bases, with coarse rhonchi in the upper lobes. Chest
X-ray indicates bilateral pneumonia.

2) Ms. Murphy is a 36 year old executive for a high profile accounting firm. She
spends much of her time behind the desk working on her computer. She states that
recently her job has become more stressful and lately she has noticed her heart
skipping a beat” every now and then. Ms. Murphy smokes 20 cigarettes per day
and drinks at least 5 cups of coffee during the day. She states she is tired of being
overweight and is taking an herbal diet pill. She also states that she has not been
sleeping well lately due to increased stress at her job.

3) Ms. .lones a l5 year old female comes to the clinic presenting with a chief
complaint ofabdominal pain. The abdominal pain is generalized in location. and
described as a dull pain. non-radiating. She notes some acid reflex. and reports
she has a history of gastritis. She also notes decreased appetite recently. Denies
any nausea or vomiting. denies any recent bowel changes.


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