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June 4, 2021
due in 30 hours it s worths a huge percentage please i want it perfect
June 4, 2021

Philosophy of Education Paper
This paper is your opportunity to reflect on the law related to special education, your understanding of how these laws affect you as a teacher, and your growth in your ability to serve individuals with exceptionalities. Specifically, you will do the following:

Choose three laws related to special education. Provide a thorough explanation of each law, and include a specific example of how each of these laws affects the general classroom teacher.
Describe your philosophy of special education. Based on what you have learned:

What do you believe are the most important considerations for general classroom teachers when working with students with exceptionalities?
What do you want your classroom environment to “look like” with regard to exceptionalities?

Analyze the impact this class has had on your ability to work with individuals with exceptionalities, including your comfort level, fears and/or concerns, and personal goals.

The Philosophy Paper should be a minimum of 1200 words in length and must be double-spaced and written in the APA style.
The Philosophy Paper will be graded according to the Philosophy Paper Rubric available in the Content area of the course.
You MUST use this templatewhen writing your paper. The information written in blue is simply guidelines; this should be deleted when you write your paper. Where you see generic information like “PAPER TITLE,” “Paper Title,” and “Your First and Last Name,” be sure to change that to your actual paper title and name.

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