Project and Program Information & Communication Systems
April 22, 2022
decision making db 2
April 22, 2022

Ph 2 IP

600 TO 800 WORDS
You have been given the task of writing an ongoing article for the upcoming staff newsletters. You are researching and developing special treatments for the dual-diagnosed clients who you will be treating at your new facility. There are many combinations of this type of client; one example would be a client with alcoholism and a depressive disorder.

Pick 1 combination, and discuss how this particular client’s needs will be met by the treatment you will provide him or her.
Given permission by the client, how will you discuss this with the client and his or her family or significant others?
Note that after this is discussed at the next staff meeting, you will be placing the presentation notes in the next staff newsletter. This will be in the form of a short formal paper.

You should include the following for this assignment:

Title page
600–80 words of content
References, including at least 2 scholarly sources dated within the last year

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