What?relationship?exists?between?the?physical?"birth"?of?the?human?species?and?its?mental/psychological?birth?How?do?the?following?authors?account?for?that?relationship,?and?what?broader?argument?about?human?nature?and history?do?they?use?it?to?construct??
December 15, 2017
Art- History
December 15, 2017


CMI Level 5 Course Notes

The assignments must have 3 essential elements;
1. Show a knowledge of the subject matter
2. Be able to show application of that knowledge
3. Give real examples of how I/others have applied this.
References ? 4 to 6 references are required across the 5 tasks. The references used must show the source / date / where reference or quote is taken from.
Models / diagrams to illustrate some points are required to be used.
The 5 Objectives (as asked for in task 1) must be in ?SMART? format.

Further information, specific to my profession / role, which you may require are;

? I am a middle manager (Station Manager) within the British Fire Service.
? My specific role is as a People Manager.
? I manage around 100 firefighters spread amongst 3 fire stations, responsible for their training / competency / welfare etc.
? My competencies and skills are around people management / leadership / resource management / time management / organising activities / maintaining standards / promoting organisational values / developing others / support & welfare / mentoring staff / devolving tasks / training / assessing against standards.
? Improvement areas (the 5 SMART objectives) therefore can be any from those competencies.


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