Compile the data collected through the interview for each category of questions, taking into consideration the age group to which they belong.
August 30, 2018
Provide a synopsis of how you would proceed in locating evidence, including research literature you would consult, which professional organization standards may be relevant, and with whom you would communicate or network to ascertain community standards.
August 30, 2018


Nursing homework help

I need you to write around300 words (1page) personal statment for appling to Anglia ruskin university to study international nursing studies.

you have to write the following:

1- My name Khaled Nasser Almanea. Date of birth 22/01/1987. i.m from Saudi Arabia.

2-I have already a diploma degree( Adult nursing) from Majmaah university in Saudi Arabia( 2 years and 6 month)

3-I have an experience in working as a nurse in King Saud medical city for 3 years, I worked in emergency room for 2 years and 1 year in intensive care at this hospital.Morover i attended many courses like nursing preceptors preparation course and continuous renal replacement therapy course.

4- write something like i,m interested in Anglia ruskin university because it has a good reputation, i need to improve myself in nursing ….etc

5- currently i.m an adult nursing student in Glasgow Caledonian university in a second year and i have done more than 600 hours in my placement in 3 different hospitals and i have done around 80 credits but i failed in two modules and i have been informed to take a year out and come back on September 2018 but my sponsor does not accept that and they told me to apply for another university

finally: witre it is my dream to study in Anglia ruskin university …etc I need it in two hours please make sure it is perfect

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