Health History and Screening of an Adolescent or Young Adult Client
February 8, 2018
Compare/Contrast · Treaties vs. Executive Agreements
February 9, 2018

ifoVisual communication is an effective way of conveying information, messages, or ideas using images such as diagrams or photographs, as opposed using spoken or written language (Lester, 2013). The power of visual images transcend those of written and spoken language, and thus very effective in creating brand identity, whether of a personality or product (Lester, 2013). A good visual images observes the principles of graphic design, which are not necessarily fast rules, but rather a rule of thumb that good graphic designer might find useful when designing visual images (Lester,2013). They have impact techniques used to manipulate perception, and also explain how one might achieve conspicuousness of relevant information lessen the visibility of unimportant messages (Lester, 2013). Some of the principles, and that my personal identity poster has adhered to, include topography, color, color and texture, symmetry, alignment, repetition. Contrast jus to mention.
In my personality poster I have employed the principle of color and texture to bring out the emphasis of may passions and beliefs, and evoke some effect. Color can be used for contrasting effects, create legibility, and communicate some meanings (Learner, 2012). In my poster, I have used the green background which communicates my passion for the natural environment, and black has also been contrasted with white to emphasize how colorful the products of hard work (which is success) is. Typography, which refers to characteristics related to style and typesetting (Learner, 2012), have also been employed in my poster to increase visibility and legibility. For example, the texts are of different typefaces, making them distinct to the viewer of the poster. Symbolism has also been employed to enhance effectiveness of the message portrayed in the poster, for example, the fruit bicycle symbolizes I love exercising and keeping fit, just like fruits are healthy. The proximity principle is effective in creating order and in my potters, it shows how all these traits and attributes are for one whole person.
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