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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

PBS special about Assisted Living Facilities/ “test tube baby” or child born through In-vitro Fertilization or IVF
do two discussion board and 4th respond discussion and please make sure easy vocabulary and basic grammar and also make sure answer the discussion with short you can and for respond please respond with short answer

Discussion One
you have to watch this video
After watching the PBS special about Assisted Living Facilities, what are your thoughts What struck you as most significant Knowing that these facilities are private pay and therefore without regulation from the federal or state governments for payment, are you cofortable with that fact What recommendation for changes would you make Would the services offered by the Assisted Living Facility change your recommendation (like Alzheimer’s care, etc.)
Discussion TWO

In 1978, the world experienced it’s first successful “test tube baby” or child born through In-vitro Fertilization or IVF. This process involves the egg being fertilized outside of the body and than placed in the womb to hopefully become implanted and result in a successful pregnancy.

There have over 4 million successful births using IVF since 1978. Even given its success, there has been some limited social discussion on the ethical issues that surround this procedure.

Some of these issues include, doctors whom implant multiple births in a woman who doesn’t have the means to afford the resulting children financially not to mention the risks to the children because of a multiple pregnancy. We all remember the “Octo-mom.”

There are also issues with tampering with the embryo prior to implantation to alter the genetic make-up of the child. These additions to the technology have existed since the 1990s.

Lastly, there is the issue of what to do with the embryos that are created and not implanted. These are generally frozen and stored until they are used or subsequently destroyed. There are also custody issues that have resulted when divorce occurs between the couple that initially created the embryos. Who gets custody.

Take one of these issues and discuss your thoughts on how society should regulate the concern or should the legal system stay out of this issue
Respond for discussion board

1- After watching this PBS special about Assisted Living Facilities, I have a feeling of grief. Hearing all of the horror stories of the families was devastating. I work at a childcare facility and there seems to be a lot of similarities. When one of the family members mentioned this, I totally agreed. In the first case discussed, the elderly man got ahold of toxic cleaner that should have been locked away. We have to abide by the same laws in this sense. The daughter of this man was upset because if this type of incident happened in a daycare, the center would be shut down, and she is absolutely right. Why should this be any different In both scenarios, an innocent human being lost their life due to the unsafe choice of an employee of the facility.

I do not think that it is right that these facilities can put their price at anything they desire. The film stated that they can basically make the price as high as the community is willing to pay. While that sounds great from a marketing standpoint, this may mean that some families will have to go without assisted living care because they cannot afford it. I do not foresee this changing unfortunately. In the business world, it is all about money. This video was a great demonstration of that. The man in charge of this facility did not seem to have any remorse regarding any of this unfortunate deaths.

This behavior clearly cannot continue and I think with videos like this one, more people will hear the message that not all of these facilities are as safe as they present. The only way to improve in these facilities has to come from within. The head of each of these different Assisted Living Facilities needs to step up and enforce change. They need to implement stricter disciplines and raise expectations of their employees. If the employees cannot handle this responsibility, they simply need to be let go. This is not an area of work where the employees can slack off without repercussions. They have these resident’s lives in their hands. I believe that if a certain facility is not equipped for a specialized service, such as Alzheimer’s care, they need to tell they families that unfortunately they are not equipped for their loved one. The facilities need to accept that it is not all about money and they need to look out for the best of each human being.

2- What struck out to me our baby boomer’s are slowly losing the ability to care for themselves. Such as, someone who is so use to caring for themselves without help find it difficult to let someone else help with their daily living activity. Perhaps, majority of the time our baby boomer’s feel like their a burden on the family members due to completing their care. Finally, our baby boomer’s feel as its a certain age they have to die so they wouldn’t be a burden or c a family to be left with a big debut due to them caring for them

3- In regards to a woman not having the means to afford the multiple children whom may result from IFV, I believe that should be something that is fully thought through before committing to the process. It Is no secret that there is the possibility of multiple births when using IFV. It is not like the doctor is being sneaky and not letting the mother know that this may happen. IFV in general is very expensive so adding multiple children after that would be very difficult and stressful. I do think that the legal system may need to step in during this process. The first priority should be the potential children. That may be one child, or like the “octo-mom” it may be multiple. There needs to be an outside source who is looking out for the children and needs to make sure that the potential parents are financially steady.

4- In regards to tampering with an embryo prior to implantation in order to alter the genetic make-up of a child. I think there should be societal regulations on the basis of changing the genetic make-up. I don’t think an individual should be allowed to alter a childs genetic make-up in order to please a parent. I think there needs to be societal regulations to ensure that the parents are fully aware of the effects of tampering with an embryo. I think a parent should thoroughly think about tampering with an embryo because there could be a lot of differences between the original, and tampered embryo. In regards to legal issues, it makes me question whether or not the parents can actually sue the facility if the child isn’t what they wanted in terms of genetics. I also question the rights of the child, if the parents are unsatisfied with the child can they terminate the embryo created I think the legal system should be closely involved with this issue. I think this because a life is a life, and I think there should be a means to protecting the embryo and the facility involved.


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