Nursing homework help Report Issue The purpose of this paper is to complete a comparative ethical analysis of the case study *attached* to study George’s situation and decision from the perspective of two worldviews or religions: Christianity and Judaism. PART 1 In your comparative analysis, address all of the worldview questions in detail for Christianity and the Jewish faith. Refer to the the list of questions below. Once you have outlined the worldview of each religion, begin your ethical analysis from each perspective. to understand the concept of worldview, answer the following questions: -What is prime reality? -What is the nature of the world around us? -What is a human being? -What happens to a person at death? -Why is it possible to know anything at all? -How do we know what is right and wrong? -What is the meaning of human history? PART 2 In 1,500-2,000 words, provide an ethical analysis based upon the different belief systems, reinforcing major themes with insights gained from your research, and answering the following questions based on the research: (USE THE ATTACHED CASE STUDY FOR THIS PART) How would each religion interpret the nature of George's malady and suffering? Is there a "why" to his disease and suffering? (i.e., is there a reason for why George is ill, beyond the reality of physical malady?) In George's analysis of his own life, how would each religion think about the value of his life as a person, and value of his life with ALS? What Sorts of values and considerations would each religion focus on in deliberating about whether or not George should opt for euthanasia? Given the above, what options would be morally justified under each religion for George and why? Finally, present and defend your own view (Christian but does not practice the faith actively, believes in god and jesus, heaven and hell but more conservative in the ideas to choose our own path and life choices vs. god's will). Support your position by referencing at least three academic resources in addition to the course readings, lectures, the Bible, and the textbooks for each religion. Each religion must have a primary source included. A total of six references are required according to the specifications listed above. Incorporate the research into your writing in an appropriate, scholarly manner. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required Sources that may be utilized: Moulton, B., & King, J. S. (2010). Aligning Ethics with Medical Decision-Making: The Quest for Informed Patient Choice. Journal Of Law, Medicine & Ethics, 38(1), 85-97. doi:10.1111/j.1748-720X.2010.00469.x Richard Jason, C. (2012). Making the case for ethical decision-making models. Nurse Prescribing, 10(12), 607-622. Puchalski, C. M. (2001). The role of spirituality in health care. Proceedings (Baylor University. Medical Center), 14(4), 352-357. Called to Care: A Christian Worldview for Nursing. Attached sources from text readings can also be utilized in addition to bible referencing for each religion as well*****
August 30, 2018
Debate healthcare reform effects on stakeholders.
August 30, 2018

Nursing homework help
Patient Safety/Health Outcomes Organization Paper

Each student will select a patient safety/health outcomes-related organization to examine in depth and analyze the potential and actual impact of the organization’s national patient safety resources, initiatives, and regulations. APA format is required for this paper. The paper should be a minimum of 4 to 5 pages in length including the title and reference pages.

Criteria for Evaluation of the Patient Safety/Health Outcomes Organization Paper (75 Points)

The paper should include the following four topic areas which should be used as headers in the paper:

Overview of the Organization – historical overview, how, when, and why did it become a patient safety/health outcomes organization including information on its leaders, mission, and philosophy. (10 points)

Review of the Current Literature on the Organization – at least five references of which three should be from the nursing and healthcare literature (not older than five years). (25 points)

Impact of the Organization on Patient Safety/Health Outcomes – provide an analysis on the potential and actual impact of the organization’s national patient safety resources, initiatives, and regulations regarding patient safety/health outcomes. (25 points)

Future Considerations – what are the future goals and initiatives planned for this organization? (10 points)

APA format for references, grammar, and writing guidelines (5 points)

Examples of Organizations:

· Institute for Healthcare Improvement

· National Patient Safety Foundation

· The Joint Commission

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