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December 15, 2017
SWOT Assignment (MKT 4101)
December 15, 2017

PART A. Assignment ‘Check Ins’ (5%)
You will have 4 weeks to work on this project. In order to get early feedback and help you make sure your project is progressing well, there will be 3 in class assignment ‘check ins’, as follows:
Be prepared to share the following with Carley in class when called upon:

  • Check In #1: Week 9 (1%)
    • Your Working Partner Contract (you’ll start this in Week 8),
    • Your chosen product or service name,
    • Your DRAFT macro environment (CD STEP) analysis.
  • Check In #2: Week 10 (2%)
  • Your situation analysis elements: CD STEP, competitor analysis, and SWOT
  1. Check In #3: Week 11 (2%)

o Your situation analysis highlights o Target audience description
o DRAFT marketing objective o DRAFT marketing strategies
PART B. Presentation (25%)

  • Your presentation will be in Week 13. I’ll randomly assign the order of presentations.
  • Both partners will be involved in the Presentation.
  • Please be sure to include the following in your presentation:

o A strong and engaging opening, including an introduction of the product or service o Key slides from your situation analysis (choose which ones strategically)
o  1 slide: situation analysis highlights
o 1 slide: target audience description (be creative!) o 1 slide: marketing objective
o  1 slide: marketing strategies
o  ~3 slides: marketing tactics with budget (and which strategy/ies they link with)
10 minute presentation (maximum)
~3 minute Question & Answer period (facilitated by you)

  • Consider 1 minute per slide; don’t feel you have to fill in time – be focused and concise where you can but be sure you cover the important information. Practice in advance!
  • You can use handouts, but they’re not mandatory.

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