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December 15, 2017
Financial Terrorist on Wall Street
December 15, 2017

As a social worker, you will meet children and adolescents who are in complicated family situations and may require a variety of resources for support. There are many times when these situations involve drug abuse, domestic violence, child abuse, and/or neglect. If these factors are present within a child?s or adolescent?s environment, it will impact their development. As mandated reporters, social workers are legally required to report any suspicion they have of child abuse or neglect to local authorities in an effort to ensure a healthier environment within which they can grow.

For this Discussion, review the case study ?Working With Clients With Addictions: The Case of Barbara and Jonah.? Consider this week?s reading in the Learning Resources.

1. Post an explanation of influences of Barbara?s addiction on Jonah?s future development.
2. Describe an intervention that you would use for Jonah if you were the social worker in this case.
3. Use the Learning Resources to support your answer.


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