What are the present intellectual abilities and psychological maturity of the defendant as per the provisions of Title 18, U.S.C., Section 5032 and 5037(d)?
December 15, 2017
a brief description of the three primary functions served by forensic psychology reports and documentation. Then explain why those forensic psychology reports and documentation are important in court settings
December 15, 2017

Write your paper in 3RD PERSON! For example, “The data show…”, NOT “I saw a trend in the data…”. In
engineering technical papers, the data is the focus (not you…).
Properly label title and axes of every graph. No legend is required.
Explain what each graph and table is in the text. Refer to each graph in the text (Figure 1, Figure 2, Table 1, etc.).
Each graph must also have a caption centered directly BELOW the figure (i.e. Figure 1: Team results of…).
Each table must have a caption centered directly ABOVE the table (i.e. Table 1: Team results of…).
Refer to the articles you read for the Tech Comm Project for format, header, figure, table, and caption examples.


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