brand management
January 16, 2020
International business
January 16, 2020

1. Review PAMJ ch. 5 “New Voices, New Models”

2. Listen to “Ear Hustle” podcast series season 1, episode 1 “Cellies” Link (Links to an external site.)

3. Choose one of the following two points of view to frame your 200-250 word response, providing specific examples to support your point of view. Focus your argument around the textbook’s definition of “journalism” (pg. 34) as well as the news values list (pages 74-75) and Elements of Journalism list (page 41).

A: The “Ear Hustle” episode “Cellies” is an example of journalism.

B: The “Ear Hustle episode “Cellies” is not an example of journalism.


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