Assessing A Healthcare Program/Policy Evaluation
July 11, 2019
organizing the data from the case study according to the relevant principles of biomedical ethic
July 11, 2019

Week 4: Nursing Theories and Middle-Range Theories No unread replies . No replies …. 

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Week 4: Nursing Theories and Middle-Range Theories

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Middle-range theory are considered essential to the structure of nursing knowledge.

  • Differentiate grand theories from middle-range nursing theories, including their impact on the profession and practice of nursing.
  • Conduct a nursing literature search to address a nursing practice problem. Identify a nursing research article that uses middle-range nursing theory as a theoretical foundation and describe how this theory was operationalized.

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Week 4: Critical Appraisal Criteria for Evaluation of Theory

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Fawcett’s (2005) criteria for evaluation of nursing theories involves judgments about the extent to which nursing theories meet identified criteria. Review Fawcett’s article, Criteria for Evaluation of Theory, and consider the following.

  • Select and describe two criteria for evaluation.

Critically appraise a nursing theory using these two appraisal criteria.


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