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February 8, 2018
Compare/Contrast · Treaties vs. Executive Agreements
February 9, 2018

Paper details:The file called Zen Final is the instrument and prompt for the final paper.
Choose one among the list of topics below and write an eight page paper (roughly 2300- 2600 words). The core of the paper should consist of your original analysis of the material but you should also make thoughtful use of at least two of the readings assigned for this class.
Please choose No. 4 to write.
4) Zen and the State Select one aspect of Chan/Zen Buddhism in Japan and discuss its development, focusing on how Zen monks and their teachings both influenced and were influenced by social, political, and historical events (funeral rites and historical developments in Japan; political patronage and the involvement of monks in the Pacific War; and so forth). What is the relationship between Zen and culture What can the various aspects of this relationship tell us about the role of religion in society and the influence of society on the development of religious doctrines and practices
Please write about the Buddhism in Japan not China.

Before writing the formal paper, please write a Final Paper Abstract at first.
Your abstract make clear the following information:
1. What prompt you are responding to.
2. What your argument about that prompt is.
3. Which texts (two or more from class) you will be using to answer that prompt.

Basically, think of it as writing your introductory paragraph & thesis.
The abstract(half page with single space) is due by Thursday 5 pm. And the final paper(8 pages with double space) is no later than April 20, 3:00pm.

For the final paper, please use all of the reading I provided for you as much as possible. Please do not use too much other sources beside the attachments. For the footnotes in the final paper, please write down specific page number for each note and don’t cite a range number. You should cite some quotes from the reading and analyzing them. Thank you so much for helping!


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