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July 25, 2022
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July 26, 2022

MT481 Unit 3


You are to write the journal in your own words about your own thoughts on the topic.
You may write as much as you desire but a minimum of 250 words is expected.
You must write about how the topic affects the company being discussed throughout this course.

Keep in mind APA and references are not required for your journal post but it will be required for your final paper submission.
For this journal, please respond to the following topic on: SWOT Analysis 
Pretend that you have just been appointed as an outside consultant for the company your instructor assigned for your SWOT Analysis project.
It is important that you start the project with a detailed introduction of the company. Remember that you need to familiarize yourself with the subject of your project in order to make recommendations for improving the company. Research the company thoroughly to get a good feel for its business and environment.
Describe the market in which the selected company operates, the services it provides and to whom. Also discuss its major competitors in the market it serves. How does its financial performance and condition compare to its competitors?
Review the Journal Rubric for detailed information on how you will be graded.
Begin your post with the label: Unit 3: Product Design and Service Design
Research the following topics related to product design and service design:

Reverse engineering

In a Word document, compose three paragraphs describing the topics: one paragraph per selected topic, based on your simulation activities, course material, and additional research you conduct online.
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