MT435-Unit 2
July 23, 2022
Module 8: Cultural Considerations When Caring for Children of Diverse Backgrounds
July 23, 2022

MT481- Unit 2 Assignment

 Part I: You can rely on the content of Chapters 1 and 2 to complete this assignment but you should also conduct research and include additional reliable sources. Be sure to discuss the following topics in your paper:

Discuss the types of financial institutions involved in the financial market and the markets they serve. Be sure to distinguish between the primary and secondary markets and the money and capital markets.
Discuss what it means when it is said that markets are “efficient” and include an explanation of whether this seems true today.
Discuss the role of regulators in the financial market. Your discussion should include information about the importance of accounting as a key to the success of those regulators.
Many factors impact interest rates in the financial market and those rates drive the operations of the institutions. The price of money is interest rates; the financial markets determine that price in a very traditional economic sense of demand and supply of money. With this in mind, discuss the impact of a recession, the impact of the money supply, and the impact of international rates.
Briefly discuss the concepts of Nominal Rate of Interest and Real Interest Rates. Include an example of both.

Include the following elements in your paper:

Narrative of at least 3-pages


Your paper must include appropriate current APA formatting.
It should include a title page with your name, course number, your instructorâ€s name, date, and the subject of the paper. Follow this with a brief statement that you (and you alone) produced the paper.
Your paper should be double-spaced, and in Times New Roman font (12 pt.).
Your paper must include in-text citations, and a correctly formatted reference page.
For information on citation guidelines visit the Writing Center link located in the Academic Tools tab.
Review the grading rubric before beginning this pa

Part II: 
Analyze the Elements of a Culture (200 Words)
The Federal Reserve has a great deal of control over bank policies and the interest rates that banks pay to borrow money. Over time we have seen the Federal Reserve adjust policies to impact the economy, whether to improve it or slow it down. Although we tend to think in terms of interest rates, the implications of changes have a much broader impact on society.
What are the societal implications of the Fed’s monetary policies on the world economy? Give examples of cause and effect. In your discussion include the positive and negative societal implications of changes in the Fed’s monetary policy decisions (make sure that your discussion includes both domestic and global examples).
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