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April 2, 2021
April 2, 2021

mp discussion and replies 6

Part 1 Write a discussion post.

“How has social media changed the landscape of promotions?” Cite examples.

Part 2 Reply to both of the following posts.

Post 1: Social media is a way to stay in touch with friends and families, but it is also a way for advertisers to connect with customers. According to Brandba, “Social media has brought interactivity into the marketing landscape and that has made it possible for consumers and companies to directly communicate with one another without thinking of distance and time (Deighton, J. and Kornfeld, L., 2009).” Now, companies have to deal with customers that no longer just want to talk. Instead, they want their ideas to be heard and companies to listen. “With social media the traditional Word of Mouth (WOM) has been changed to online Word of Mouth (e-WOM), which is instant and interactive and has made it possible for marketers to be involved (Armelli & Villanueva, 2011).” The top three social media Platforms used to reach the most consumers are Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. The power of communication has been taken from marketers by the consumers and the online communities where they share and create information about brands. If a company decides to bring social media into the marketing strategy they will have the benefit of acquiring the real value of social media, and that is to learn more about the consumers (Barwise & Meehan, 2010). Some examples of how social media is used to sell products is when famous model and public figure Kylie Jenner promotes her make-up. Followers will see her promoting her new make-up and want some for themselves. Another example is my marketing friend Evan who promotes salt amour all over social media. He takes pictures daily with the product on while doing amazing things such as snow boarding. Social Media can be a very beneficial tool for getting your brand out into the world.


BrandBa.se. (2015, April 27). Social media has changed the marketing landscape and enabled consumers to be more interactive – what can marketers do to better adapt to this new landscape? Retrieved from http://www.brandba.se/blog/2015/3/12/social-media-has-changed-the-marketing-landscape-and-enabled-consumers-to-be-more-interactive-what-can-marketers-do-to-better-adapt-to-this-new-landscape

Post 2: Social media provides advertisers a way to not only connect with their market but also a way to create a buzz in promotions. Social media provides the ability for your advertisement to be shared and commented on. These interactions can create a social buzz about a promotion that expands the original scope of the campaign. This buzz creates excitement and can help a customer through the buying decision process. Interactions with the ad also provide the advertiser an opportunity to instantly respond to consumers questions or comments. To give an idea of how this changes the landscape for promotions, imagine ten years ago a consumer receiving your promotional flyer in the mail. This flyer would need to be accompanied by an advertisers representative, to answer questions, as well as all of your friends and their friends and their friends, to share, like, and comment with you about the promotion.

Creating a buzz in promotional advertising can be compared to a personal referral as both bring sales without expanding advertising efforts.


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