Profitability 1
December 15, 2017
December 15, 2017

What are the seven major elements of a customer vignette?

Question 2

How do you make sure that image files are the right size for your Dreamweaver web page templates, and what file format do they need to be saved in?

Question 3

What are the four major types of financial ratios and why is each one important?

Question 4

What is a good source for image files to use in creating a project in Photoshop?

Question 5

What do the Patent Office database syntax terms “ttl” and “andnot” mean, and how do you use them in a patent search?

Question 6

What are the major pieces of information you can find about a competitor using Lexis-Nexis (or ProQuest/Experian)?

Question 7

What is the data resource you use for business-to-business market sizing, and what are the major things you need to do to navigate it?

Question 8

What are the major types of information you can glean from First Research industry profile reports?

Question 9

What are the two major databases for patent searches and the two major databases for trademark searches that were covered in the webinar on these topics?

Question 10

What are the important factors to consider when creating a market positioning map?

Question 11

What are the major search steps you should go through to narrow down a best practices search on Google?

Question 12

What is the data resource you use for consumer-focused market sizing, and what are the major things you need to do to navigate it?

Question 13

Describe the major elements of a Wix website template and how to edit them.

Question 14

What are the three websites described in the webinar on equity funding research, and what is each website good for?

Question 15

What information do you need from your web hosting company in order to publish material to the web?

Question 16

What is the major concept mentioned in the webinar on grant funding that enables businesses to apply for a broad range of grant monies that might not initially seem relevant? Give an example of this concept.

Question 17

What is the important organizing tool that allows you to manipulate different elements in a Photoshop project?

Question 18

List three elements of each of the major facets (word of mouth, online, offline, and events) of a guerilla marketing campaign (i.e., list 12 elements total).

Question 19

What happens when you click yes to “including dependent files” when uploading web pages to the internet via Dreamweaver?

Question 20

What are some of the types of websites that can give you good information about a consumer-focused competitor in a Google search?


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