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February 23, 2021
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February 23, 2021

Use the Miranda Document ONLY to answer answer the following questions in a properly formatted document (list your answers 1., 2., etc.- DO NOT USE COMPLETE SENTENCES OR RETYPE THE QUESTIONS-simply type your answer next to the number; you can use complete sentences for #3, #10, and #20 if you don’t think you can answer appropriately without; failure to follow directions will result in a withdrawal):

1. What date (day, month, year) did Miranda commit his precedent setting crime?

2. When (grade in school) did Miranda have his first criminal conviction?

3. Was Miranda’s victim considered a typical 18 year old? Why/why not?

4. How did police get the license plate number for the car Miranda drove during his precedent setting crime?

5. The victim told police something very specific/unusual about the car Miranda drove. The police noticed this when they found the car in Miranda’s driveway. What was it?

6. For what offense did Miranda spend time in Federal prison?

7. Where did Miranda move to around 1956?

8. What type of defense did Miranda’s attorney (Moore) originally feel would be appropriate?

9. What U.S. Supreme Court case decision that courts across the country were struggling to interpret, did the Arizona Supreme Court feel did not apply to Miranda?

10. Who was the author of the Arizona Supreme Court’s decision and why did he feel the case in the previous question did not apply to Miranda?

11. Did Miranda’s victim positively identify him in the police lineup?

12. What was the sole item entered into evidence in Miranda’s first trial?

13. What was Miranda’s original sentence in his first trial?

14. Why/how was Miranda found guilty in his second trial if his written confession from the first trial could not be used against him?

15. What was Miranda’s sentence in his second trial?

16. How many times was Miranda turned down for parole before finally being released?

17. What was the name of the attorney who represented Miranda for the U.S. Supreme Court case?

18. Why was the courtroom packed when the U.S. Supreme Court heard the arguments in Miranda v Arizona?

19. Who (full name and title) wrote the opinion in Miranda v Arizona?

20. Effectively, what did the Miranda decision (U.S. Supreme Court) require law enforcement to do?


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