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Anthropology 101 Extra Credit – Making Mind Maps 
 15 points maximum

Mind maps are a psychology-proven way to learn information in a school setting (Farrand, Hussain, & Hennessey, 2002; Abi-El-Mona & Ad-El-Khalick, 2008; D’Antoni, Zipp, Olson, & Cahill, 2010; Javadnia, Bayat, Ghorbani, Ghanbari, & Ghodoosi, 2011). To get you working with mind maps in this class and beyond, continue with this assignment!

Part One Review the lecture on mind maps on Canvas, or view the following websites: https://

Part Two Choose three of the following topics from this course. Tip: pick ones that you are less familiar with!

• Paleoanthropology Dating Methods

• Geologic Time Periods

• Prehistoric Primate Fossils

• Ardipithecines and Australopithecines

• Homo Genus Species

• Archaic and Modern Homo sapiens

• Cultural Changes with Agriculture

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Part Three Draw two mind maps by hand on a sheet of paper:

1. Place your topic in the center bubble.

2. Using the lecture slides and your notes, make branches to related topics in a way that makes sense to you.

3. Continue with adding information to each branch, making sub-branches.

4. Include illustrations to make the points more memorable.

5. Be creative with your organization and the illustrations.

6. Photograph your mind map and upload it to complete the assignment.

There is no strict level of detail, but include as much from the slides and notes as you can.

Grading A full score will be given to mind maps that cover the topics thoroughly and with some creativity.

References Abdolahi, M., Javadnia, F., Bayat, P-D., Ghorbani, R., Ghanbari, A., & Ghodoosi, B. (2011). Mind map teaching of gross anatomy is sex dependent. International Journal of Morphology, 29, 41-44.

Abi-El-Mona, I., & Ad-El-Khalick, F (2008). The Influence of Mind Mapping on Eighth Graders’ Science Achievement. School Science and Mathematics, 108, 298-312.

Farrand, P., Hussain, F., & Hennessey, E. (2002). The efficacy of the ‘mind map’ study technique. Medical Education, 36, 426-431.

D’Antoni, A. V., Zipp, G. P., Olson, V. G., and Cahill, T. F. (2010). Does the mind map learning strategy facilitate information retrieval and critical thinking in medical students? BMC Medical Education, published online 2010 September 16. doi: 10.1186/1472-6920-10-61.

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  • Anthropology 101 Extra Credit – Making Mind Maps 15 points maximum
    • Part One
    • Part Two
    • Part Three
    • Grading
    • References


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