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April 22, 2022
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April 22, 2022

Mercury pollution in a local lake area

Assignment Overview
You are an Environmental Health Specialist in the public health department of the county where you reside. The city council is concerned about mercury pollution in a local lake area that is a major fishing and camping recreational attraction and brings many visitors.
Case Assignment
Your task in this Case Assignment is to:

Explain to the park community what the risks from fishing and swimming in the lake may be, due to mercury contamination.
Compare the risks from being in the lake water or eating fish caught in the lake, for different types of lake users (pregnant women, young children, older children, adults).
Prepare a list of recommendations and organize the list by potential uses of lake water and consumption of fish caught in the lake.

Assignment Expectations
Use information from your module readings/articles as well as appropriate research to support your paper.
Length: The SLP assignment should be 3-5 pages long (double-spaced).
Required Reading
Bhavsar, S. P., Awad, E., Mahon, C. G., & Petro, S. (2011). Great lakes fish consumption advisories: Is mercury a concern? Ecotoxicology, 20(7), 1588-98.
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