December 15, 2017
Behavioral Theorists Pavlov, Watson, and Skinner are considered the originators of behaviorism. All contributed to learning theory. All three of the researchers studied the effects of the environment on learning. Select one of the three beha
December 15, 2017

Part 1:
Patient Ledger & Bank Deposit Slip
? Download from Doc Sharing the “PT Day sheet Ledger Template”.
? Work through the information provided in the template to fill in the ledger.
? Download the Bank Deposit Detail Template from Doc Sharing
? Fill in the bank deposit sheet using the information supplied on the bank deposit form

Part 2:
Write a 200 word script describing how you might coach a patient (Mr Rosen) during his first office visit. Advise him of a) the medical office policy regarding his responsibility, as the guarantor, for services rendered in your medical practice, b) the policy for releasing medical records, and c) another policy of your choice that demonstrates your understanding of office policy and the importance of properly coaching your patients.


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