International Humanitarian Law: Characterise the nature of the conflict(s) over the period of time 12 May 2016 and 6 March 2017. For each period of time, explain which legal instruments are applicable
December 15, 2017
Analyse the legal issues in respect of transgender equality in EMPLOYMENT CONTEXT through evaluation of the exact provisions (sections!) of the EQUALITY ACT 2010 (EA2010) and case law principles
December 15, 2017

This writing assignment is to be 5 pages in length, APA plus a sources/citations page. Your paper should be written in a word-processing program (as in Word), double-spaced and proofread carefully for mistakes. Mistakes resulting from failure to spell-check assignments will be penalized. Submitted papers should have a header or cover sheet with your name, my name, the course and the title.
The topic for this paper is: MEDIA & SOCIETY.
You should address the following topics in this five-page paper: (1) How does media affect our society, and how does our society affect media – includes examples from the text & lectures; (2) what effect does media have on storytelling and what is it’s impact on society – again, with examples from text & lectures; (3) what is one specific area of concern about media & society (for instance – portrayals of violence, the use of portrayed sex, advertising and consumerism, body image and identity, diversity and the representation of minority groups, etc.)
Choose ONE specific area to focus on.


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